Weather board restoration project 2 story dwelling

The boards at this beautiful timber property and windows had been effected by the harsh Australian elements and required some TLC.

Beginning with a house and gutter clean and a mould remediation, we prepared surfaces using exit mould and pressure washing.

All rotten boards were removed and replaced we can organize a licensed carpenter to complete this.

Once replaced all nail holes are filled joins filled etc, minor damage is able to be filled with a two part builders bog on surface scuffs after sanding boards regain a perfect uniform smooth finish and then caulked with ultra-flexible polyurethane.

When painting weather board houses we recommend sanding painted timber back to a raw surface prior to painting.

This ensures bubbling and adhesion problems are eliminated in the coats we apply.

We sand using 80 grit pads leaving the surface smooth and dust is extracted into a vacuum system to a degree of 99.95% using festool h level system.

We are dedicated to providing your home, family and each of our staff with a safe and healthy environment to live and work.

We use the best tools and equipment available to ensure not only the best finish but also the safest systems available.

Location: Northcote.